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Experience a new world of music at Chordz Book. 

Chordz Book is a great way to experience and play guitar with the help of the Chordz G Series. You will now be able to experience play any song by understanding the Chord Notations.

The chordz Book is designed and developed by one of the finest singers in India Komal Arora. Komal is post-graduate in music and she is very soon coming up with her own originals which we believe will surely take you to a very special zone.

Hey Guys,

I hope you are well.

It took us a lot of time and a lot of hard work to design and release our first Chordz Book for G Series. The Chordz Book covers most of the famous and evergreen songs. We have designed this book to help you give a better experience with Chordz G Series.

There is more than 1 way to play any song but I have kept the Chordz notation very simple so that you do not find difficulties in playing the guitar and the songs.

I am sure our efforts will help you in creating lots of happy memories with your Chordz. If you want us to cover a special song which is not there in the book you can DM us on Instagram we will surely get back to you.

P.S. Special thanks to Rashmi for creating the supportive videos

I wish you have a beautiful day ahead
Komal Arora

Team Chordz

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Welcome to Chordz Book for Chordz G Series

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