Chand Si Mehbooba Guitar Chords by Komal Arora 


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Guitar Chords


(Em) Chand si mehboo (C) ba ho meri kab

(D) aaisa maine socha (C) tha

(Em) Haan tum bilkool (D) waisi  C)ho, 

(Em) jaisa maine (D) socha (Em) tha

(Em) Chand si mehbo (C) oba ho meri,….


(Em) Na kasmey hain na rasmey hain, 

(C) na shikwe hain (Em) na wadey hain (2)

(Em) Ek surat bholi bhaali hai, 

(C) do naina seedhe (Em) saade hain

(Em) Do naina (D) seedhe saade (Em) hain


(Em) Aaisa hi roop (C) khayalon mein tha, 

aaisa (D) maine socha (C) tha

(Em) Haan tum bilkool  (D) waisi (C) ho…..


(Em) Meri khushiyan hi na baate, 

(C) mere gam bhi (Em) sehna chahe (2)

(Em) Dekhe na khwab woh mehlon ke, 

(C) mere dil mein (Em) rehna chahe 

(Em) Mere dil mein (D) rehna (Em) chahe

(Em) Is duniya mein kaun (C) tha aaisa, jaisa 

(D )maine socha (C) tha

(Em) Haan tum bilkool (D) waisi (C) ho, 

(Em) jaisa maine (D) socha (Em) tha

(Em) Chand si mehbo (C) oba ho  meri,….,


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