Team Chordz

Zaman Khans’ Show

At Zaman Khan Show we are trying to connect with people by listening to them and helping them explore the magical world of music, with Chordz : The Easy Guitar Learning Gadget.

Our the generation is moving very fast and random, we believe somewhere we all need to be with each other as a support as a family. Sometimes a small break for a quick conversation over a coffee changes a lot in life or brings a lot of peace in life.

A short meaningful conversation or discussions with someone on our emotions, thoughts, dreams, life problems, life situations, a wish or maybe our anger and jealousy is helpful and needed. But sadly due to the rush of life and lack of time many people around us are unable to do it.

At Chordz we believe music helps people to connect.

Join the saga by clicking the link :  Zaman Khan’s Show

Plug & Play with Chordz by Sumit Banerjee 

Plug & Play is a very famous YouTube channel for guitar learners in India. The channel has more than 4 million views and 6 million watch hours with 137k subscribers ( and counting ).

Sumit Banerjee is a very young and talented guy, from Kolkata, West Bengal. He has started his channel a couple of years back to support early-stage guitarist in their guitar journey, and today millions of people across the globe are following him and liking his work. This is a very special collaboration, where Sumit will be helping you to understand how to play guitar with Chordz in Bengali.

He says he gets hundreds of messages every month from people all around the world, saying they are facing difficulties to even start their guitar journey, he believes Chordz will defiantly be a big help for them.

To watch the show please click on the following link : Plug & Play with Chordz

Amaan Shah Live with Chordz

Amaan Shah shocked the internet with his amazing guitar skills which he calls the heartbeat style, the Himachal guy became an overnight sensation with the mashup recorded on his friend’s phone. The video is still counting millions of views on the internet. Amaan is associated with Chordz from a very long time and he has supported the founders and the team as a family. Amaan is a trained guitarist and he has been practicing music from years.

Amaan Shah Live is a very special show where Amaan will be interacting with all his fans through the Chordz social media handles, he believes that he must give love back to the people who have always supported him. Amaan has been featured on TV shows such as the Voice of India, he is now working on his originals.

To watch the show please click on the following link : Amaan Shah Live

Gunjan Pancholi’s Show 

Gunjan is one of the oldest team members of Chordz. He has seen the startup growing into a company. He is a very close friend to the founders to cut things short Gunjan is family.

Though his show, Gunjan will try to answer why do you need to buy Chordz, how can a person, who have limited knowledge of music be benefited by the Chordz, how can anyone play guitar instantly, how can Chordz help you create memories and many more questions

Gunjan is a music composer by profession, he presently resides in Pune his recent work was presented in the film festivals such as Cannes and Goa. He is now composing music for Marathi movies and Hindi web series. Gunjan is a great friend and an amazing human.

To watch the show please click on the following link : Gunjan Pancholi’s show

My Guitar Diary by Rashmi

We all wish to have a small dairy in which we can keep all our thoughts, secrets or feelings about our life, a moment, a person or a dream. Guitar Diary by Rashmi is a show with a series of episodes, where Rashmi will be sharing a couple of important pages of her diary with you. It is a musical journey where her life stories will be supported by her guitar and songs soothing the mood of the story.

Rashmi is from Vadodara, Gujarat. She is an architect by profession. She is an amazing singer,  her music is loved by thousands of people on the internet and we are really happy to present you this show, where Rashmi will also help you learn guitar and give music to your diary.

To watch the show please click on the following link : My Guitar Diary

Guitar Logics by Nimisha

Whenever we see a person singing and playing guitar, we are always delighted by their skills. We often think about how smoothly that person is able to play guitar and we end up with a thought – I wish I knew that. But what if we tell you it is less of a skill and more of a Logic. 

Guitar Logics is a show designed on a similar thought. Through the show, we will share the tricks and techniques used by singers to make their life easy while playing guitar. We all have a perception that playing guitar is sooooohh difficult, but that’s really not true, playing guitar is extremely easy only if you know the logic behind it. 

In the show, you will be meeting a beautiful girl from Indore named Nimisha. She is an Architect and she is also an amazing singer-guitarist. She has been performing around her city for years now. If you ever happen to be in Indore we suggest you visit her and join her live Giggs. She will be more than happy to meet you. 

To watch the show please click on the following link : Guitar Logics

Ek Cutting Chai aur Guitar, with Reeshabh Purohit

16-year-old Reeshabh Purohit is an upcoming professional guitarist, singer, composer, and actor. He is a Maharashtrian boy from Pune and has sung for various Marathi films. Reeshabh has over 12 years of Classical Music training. He has also composed beautiful Hindi and Marathi songs.

In his show – Ek Cutting Chai aur Guitar with Reeshabh will talk about his music, his journeys and being a Marathi teenager. This show will be expressed in English, Hindi, and Marathi. So grab your seat, sit back and experience Reeshabh with his guitar and his Kadak Cutting Chai. We invite you to watch his show – Ek Cutting Chai aur Guitar!

To watch the show please click on the following link : Ek Cutting Chai aur Guitar

Acoustics Unplugged with Charvi

Mumbai girl Charvi is an amazing talent on the internet. She is a strong believer of the phrase – Just Keep Swimming. Charvi belongs to a family of musicians and that’s how she is blessed with the understanding of music. She is in her late teens and is a self-learned guitarist and vocalist.

Charvi has a very different take on music and tends to sing songs in her own style, mostly western. In her show, she will help you explore the Classic Rock Version of many popular Hindi and English songs. In the journey, you will also understand Charvi as a person and her thoughts about Acoustic Unplugged.

To watch the show please click on the following link : Acoustic Unplugged

Urban Punjab by Ravneet Kaur

Ravneet Kaur is a true believer of God, Music, and Life. After completing her education from Delhi, she is now back at her home town Patiala, Punjab. Ravneet has a very strong love for Punjabi and Folk songs. She believes that there are special stories and a very strong representation of culture in such songs. Ravneet is learning guitar from the age of 13 now, and she loves to sing the songs on her own tunes.

Through her show, she will be presenting an Urban Version of the Folk and Punjabi songs that she has been listening to all her life. She warmly invites you to her show. The show will be a little flavor of Bollywood and a lot of Folk and Urban Punjabi songs.

To watch the show please click on the following link : Urban Punjab

Exploring Coke Studio with Kshitij

We all have a special love for the MTV Unplugged and Coke Studio’s compositions. What if we tell you we have created a show that will help you play those songs easily with the help of Chordz.

At Chordz we have designed a show which will help you to understand and play most of the Coke Studio and MTV Unplugged songs in less than 30 minutes. The show is designed to make your guitar learning easy and effortless. The show is hosted by Kshitij Kalgutkar. He is a young and talented musician from Navi Mumbai, who is learning music from the last 10 years now.

This young guy is just 18 and he invites you to his show where you can learn how to play your favorite Coke Studio and  MTV Unplugged songs in less than 30 minutes.

 To watch the show please click on the following link : Exploring Coke Studio

Guitar Strumming Sessions with Yash

If you know the right strumming pattern, there are about 100 ways to play the same song in a different style. Also, the secret that makes any song sound more likable is understanding the suitable strumming pattern according to the situation.

With Chordz Strumming Session you will be able to explore more than 100 types of strumming pattern, which will help you to play the same song but in a very different style. The show is designed by Yash Golechha. Yash is a singer and guitarist from Akola, Maharashtra whose talent is confined to his close ones but has a zeal to show it up to the world.

Yash enjoys being in his small musical world to bring out something magical for his listeners.

To watch the show click on the following link : Guitar Strumming Sessions

Trending Songs Guitar Chords with Nawazish

The last time we spoke to Nawazish, it was around 10 pm on a rainy night, he was in Kolkata and we were at our office in Mumbai. By the end of the conversation, he said “ I am writing my resignation letter after this call and I will be heading Bangalore to explore my music. ” That’s the madness he possesses of music. We are happy to present a show for you where Nawazish will be helping you learn trending song of the week from YouTube.

Nawazish is from Bokaro, Jharkhand and after his resignation, he is planning to take a trip to Bangalore, to explore his music career with a new music band. So, if you are someone who is always finding Chords for new songs, this is the show for you.

To watch the show please click on the following link : Trending Songs Guitar Chords

Acoustic Guitar Stories with Sritam

Sritam, is a young singer-guitarist from Bhubaneswar Odisha. He is presently studying law from Bhuvneshwar. Acoustic Guitar Stories is a show created by Sritam where he will be talking about short stories and his life instances. The stories will be later summed up with a quick guitar lecture.  

He says stories are incomplete without music

To watch the show please click on the following link : Acoustic Guitar Stories