We have developed Chordz G Series for the people who have the limitation of time or who want to experience learning guitar irrespective of their busy schedule, people who are unable to get time due to personal liabilities.  So when we were designing the lectures and the product we made sure people who are buying our products must not be dependent on any person, the product should help them to experience learning guitar by its own. 

Because of which once you start using the gadget and spending time with it,  you won’t need any help from anyone else. The guitar lectures are recorded with professional musicians so, playing guitar after seeing the video won’t be a trouble. If you start playing with the online lectures within 3o minutes you will be able to play guitar like a professional. 

Also with the help of Chordz, you will save approximately more than 12 months and 24,000 INR minimum, here is how we can explain to you.

So to learn to play guitar and sing any of your favorite songs like a professional a person normally spends about 1 year and a lot of money as well.  On an average, a person spends or guitar tuition cost  500 INR per week, which is equal to 24,000 INR per year.

With the gadget, you get a free access to more than 100 video tutorial which will surely help you to play guitar at any place or at any given point of time according to your convenience and comfort.

God Bless

Team Chordz





  1. Thanks a ton for this particular piece of writing. I will talk about it with people I know.

  2. Bradley Fry says:

    Hi I just Found Your chordz Device And Have A Few Questions Is It Available In U.S.A And How Much Is It? Also Can You Tell Me Please How Many Chords It Plays And What Chords It Plays? Thank You For Your Time .

    • admin says:

      Yes, Chordz is available in the USA. For more information please connect to the Information Exchange Team on : info@chordz.in. Presently the gadget is on the scale of G and it has 4 Chords i.e G major, C major, D major, and E minor

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