There are many songs which sounds amazing with the single down strum. Many beginners try to play strings fast and they end up confusing themselves. A song sounds most beautiful if you play very slow. And learning that with the help of Chordz takes less than 5 minutes.

But If you want to understand the strumming pattern. About 2 hours is a good time to understand the strumming pattern of those particular songs. With a day of the practice say around 3 hours you can play guitar like a pro

There are few strumming patterns which are used almost all the songs so if you learn that before you can learn to play any song in the Bollywood. But to understand playing Fingerstyle and different strumming patterns and changing scale we say about 10 days with 3 hours of practice is a good time to understand everything about the guitar.

We have also recorded lots of exercises for strumming which will surely help you to play guitar easily. You can check our YouTube channel and understand more about Chordz.

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